The XRG Process

XRG uniquely engages clients in a relationship of partner and advisor from the early conceptual stages to complete implementation of a project, helping our clients to develop and implement:

• All-embracing China strategies and related business plans
• Market entry strategies and associated strategic alliances
• Government relations strategies

XRG provides innovative and systematic Greater China strategy development and transaction support to include entry, expansion, competition, dispute resolution, workout, restructuring and exit.

There are only a few consulting principals who have done decades of successful work in China, and even fewer who have made it their focus to ensure that their multinational clients are number one in their sector in China.

To meet specific client needs, XRG works with a number of associates and associate companies to assemble projectspecific high quality, multi-disciplinary XRG-led teams.

The XRG associate network is comprised of PRC Chinese and international experts, including:

• Leading analysts and strategists
• Specialists on particular economies
• Industry specialists
• Product specific experts
• Line of business experts
• Professional service providers who are skilled in sourcing and
   executing transactions

The strength and size of the associate network allows XRG to bring in a group of experts tailored to the needs of a specific client.

Drawing on its long experience of working on high value and high level business and investment initiatives, XRG has developed a three-phase process:

Phase 1 – Vision and Homework
Phase 2 – Strategy Development
Phase 3 – Execution

The first two phases can take from four to six months. The time involved is a function of many factors, including at least the following:

• Client’s objectives and history of the business involved
• Political and competitive factors
• Availability of key team members
• Current policies and perceptions of decision-making officials in
   key party and central government agencies
• External factors, such as country-to-country political relations

We normally expect Phase 3 to take anywhere from nine months to three years, or more, by a dedicated XRG-client team.


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